Earlier this year a group of locals started a community conversation about how the 1,000 hectares of 'future urban' zoned land around Warkworth could be developed.

We needed to start this conversation to inform more detailed structure plans, which will be developed by private landowners and Auckland Council setting out the pattern of housing, commercial and industrial areas, open spaces and new centres along with infrastructure such as roading, water and wastewater.

To get the conversation started we came up with a 'skeleton plan' that identified possible:

We encouraged feedback from the community on the proposed plan by presenting at community meetings, engaging with key stakeholders such as NZTA and Auckland Transport, and consulting with the wider public via newspapers and social media.

With the feedback gathered, we updated the plan and were preparing to seek further public input when Auckland Council bowed to pressure from our group and others to bring forward their structure planning process. To avoid confusion and to maximise efficiencies, we determined the best way forward is to hand our work to Auckland Council to use, which will significantly speed up their planning process.

You are invited

The Warkworth Spatial Plan work will be handed over to Auckland Council at a meeting on Friday, 17 November at 9:30a.m. in the Warkworth Town Hall upstairs meeting room. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to wwspatial@gmail.com for catering purposes.